Voting History

Last NameFirst NameVoteItem TextDate And TimeItem NameTally YesTally NoTally AbstainTally Votes
PhillipsJeffYES<O1A> O1A8/11/2022 9:51:00 PMO1A145019
PhillipsJeffNONEO1A8/11/2022 9:45:00 PMO1A0000
PhillipsJeffNONEO1A8/11/2022 9:28:00 PMO1A0000
PhillipsJeffNONEO18/11/2022 9:27:00 PMO10000
PhillipsJeffYES<N3C> N3C8/11/2022 9:25:00 PMN3C190019
PhillipsJeffYES<N3B> &nbsp;8/11/2022 9:16:00 PMN3B190019
PhillipsJeffYES<N1G> Local Agency Project Agreement with TDOT for I-24 @ BuchananEpps Mill Road Improvements8/11/2022 9:09:00 PMN1G190019
PhillipsJeffYES<N1F> Direct Appropriation Grant from State for Landfill8/11/2022 9:03:00 PMN1F190019
PhillipsJeffYES<N1D> Other Special Revenue Fund Budget Amendment8/11/2022 8:57:00 PMN1D190019
PhillipsJeffYES<N1C> Ambulance Service Fund Budget Amendment8/11/2022 8:54:00 PMN1C190019

All official voting histories are available at the County Clerk's office.