Voting History

Last NameFirst NameVoteItem TextDate And TimeItem NameTally YesTally NoTally AbstainTally Votes
OliverHopeNONE<Aaa> Aaa11/28/2022 4:13:00 PMAaa0000
OliverHopeNONE<Aa> Aa11/28/2022 4:13:00 PMAa1102
OliverHopeNONEtest11/28/2022 4:07:00 PMtest0000
OliverHopeYES<K4> School Fund Budget11/17/2022 9:41:00 PMK4190120
OliverHopeYES<N1A2> Bureau of Justice Assistance Body Worn Camera Grant and Related General Fund Budget Amendment11/17/2022 9:38:00 PMN1A2190019
OliverHopeYES<N1A> General Fund Budget Amendments11/17/2022 9:35:00 PMN1A180119
OliverHopeYES<K4a> Amendment 411/17/2022 9:32:00 PMK4a180119
OliverHopeYES<M5a> Motion 211/17/2022 9:27:00 PMM5a155020
OliverHopeYES<M4> Rezoning Request (REZ22-027): Eli Waldron, for Giant Garages 2, LLC, located at 611 East Jefferson Pike; Existing Zoning – Light Industrial (LI); Proposed Zoning – Commercial Services (CS); Size of the site is approximately 8 acres 11/17/2022 6:51:00 PMM4210021
OliverHopeYES<M3> Rezoning Request (REZ22-025): Satishkumar D. Patel, located at 7225 Manchester Highway; Existing Zoning – Residential Medium Density (RM); Proposed Zoning – Commercial General (CG); Size of the area to be rezoned is approximately 1 acre11/17/2022 6:47:00 PMM3210021

All official voting histories are available at the County Clerk's office.